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Spend more time connecting with each student.

Vizzle was built for busy teachers, by busy teachers. Our platform makes it simple to create personalized learning experiences and track progress so that you can spend your time focusing on what matters most — your students. 

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The overall response to Vizzle has been positive and the system is beneficial to both the teachers and the students, which is our main goal.

Dana Allen
Instructional Program Support
Representative, Duval County PS

Vizzle empowers administrators and educators

Add students, assign lessons and see the data.

  • Growing Lesson Library
    Thousands of standards-based, peer-reviewed interactive lessons, games and activities.

  • Automatic Data Collection
    Collect data automatically as students work through assigned lessons.

  • Instruct Creatively
    Create, recreate or adjust student settings to meet learning needs of each student or class.

  • Engage Anywhere, Anytime
    Reinforce learned skills or concepts outside of the classroom, at home or over breaks using any tablet or computer.

Quick Facts

18,000 Number of Students

2,100 Number of Students on IEPs

The Problem:

Choosing an effective interactive software to support special needs curriculums.

Napa Valley Unified School District was already in the process of evaluating an online tool to help reinforce lessons and track student achievement in its moderate-to-severe special needs classrooms. However, at an industry event, Terri Lynne Ricetti, alongside an Assistive Technology Specialist and her team of teachers, learned about Vizzle and was impressed by the visual learning platform. “After watching the way students could interact and the data that could be kept with Vizzle, I fell in love with the program.”

In an effort to decide between two platforms, Ricetti conducted a side-by-side trial of Vizzle and the other service with teachers of students with special needs. “The teachers looked at both programs. After the trial, I conducted a survey to determine which program they would prefer and they chose Vizzle.” Three years later, the teachers of Napa Valley Unified continue to use Vizzle as a supplemental learning and reporting tool in the district’s moderate-to-severe special needs classrooms.

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