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It’s Not Just a Product... It’s a Passion

Here at Vizzle, every one of us has a personal connection to working with kids with special needs. We truly get it! We understand what it takes to be an educator, and the challenges and joys that come with guiding a student along an individualized learning path. And there is nothing quite like sharing in the pride of a student’s success as they grasp a concept or become interested in a new topic. 

Our Why

Everything we do stems from a desire to do it right for the students, the teachers, and the administrators. Vizzle was created in collaboration with special education experts at the Monarch Center for Autism and researchers from Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. We launched the business as a way to connect teachers and students on a deeper level of understanding and foster a positive, effective experience for everyone involved. 

Vizzlers of the Month

Cory (student)

“I like having Vizzle read aloud what I create!”

Janet (parent)

"My son is nonverbal and autistic. His receptive language is quite good. He has found your site very stimulating. His teacher makes assignments and Tom is able to access the assignments and complete them. I think it helps that he is familiar with your site from school. Working on your site provides familiarity when his whole schedule is entirely changed. I really appreciate your thoughtful and stimulating content."

Richard Jacobs, Teacher, Duval County Public Schools

"Vizzle helps me teach according to the Florida Access Points so my students can meet or exceed what is required in the standard."

Kelly Lewis, Special Educator, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

“Vizzle’s data is great! So much information for progress monitoring and writing progress reports on IEP’s.”

Kelsey Smith, SOAR Teacher, Northwest ISD

"Vizzle is a quick and easy way to find lessons and activities geared toward specific TEKS that their general education peers are covering but is still relevant to my students."

Dana Allen, Instructional Program Support Representative, Duval County Public Schools

"The overall response to Vizzle has been positive and the system is beneficial to both the teachers and the students, which is our main goal.”

Debra S. Pearce, M.Ed., Educational Consultant, Prince George County Public Schools

"As an administrator, Vizzle has helped to assure access to and progress within the grade level standards. Vizzle allows our teachers to provide individualized and personalized lessons to students of all levels."

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