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Prince George's County Public Schools

Prince George's County Public Schools: Planning for Success with Vizzle

Growing with Vizzle Excel

Vizzle Excel has become a critical component of our Framework of Supports for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Teachers have evolved their usage from required to independent and targeted application of the student lessons.

Vizzle Excel is identified as an intensive and individualized support within our Framework.

We have seen teachers grow from using Vizzle Excel primarily in whole group settings as part of morning meetings, to:

  • aligning to IEPs
  • assigning as part of small group rotations
  • connecting parents and students through home access
  • selecting lessons that align with classroom units
  • selecting lessons that provide targeted skills practice and progress monitoring

Accountability with Vizzle Excel

Teachers have an efficient tool to collect and present student data. Graphs display progress as well as frequency of access to student lessons. Being able to share this data with IEP teams has helped to assure that students are making measurable progress on their IEP goals. The data collection also documents that students are accessing and making progress in their grade level curriculum standards.

Vizzle Excel is a vital part of the PGCPS Framework of Supports that is moving our district forward with assuring full and comprehensive programming for ALL students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Vizzle Excel has been a user-friendly program for some of our technology reluctant staff members. They are not intimidated by the tool and some have even become some of our highest-level users. Building technology skills is directly aligned to the staff professional standards.

Easy access to the performance data has built teacher confidence in data reporting. Reporting on Vizzle Excel as a meeting agenda item also supports expectations of rigor in the classroom.

Administrator Insights with Vizzle Excel

As an administrator, Vizzle Excel has helped to assure access to and progress within the grade-level standards. Vizzle Excel allows our teachers to provide individualized and personalized lessons to students of all levels. The student personalization features assure that individual learning needs are met. When families have concerns about more intensive options for practice and generalization, Vizzle Excel meets those needs. Vizzle Excel data collection allows the building and district level administrators to establish sound progress monitoring for IEP goals and for curriculum progress.

Having Vizzle Excel in our Framework for all students in all program classrooms assures consistency across classrooms and schools. Because Vizzle Excel is web-based, students who move between classes and schools have continued access to their personalized lessons. This has supported smoother transitions for students and for teachers. In addition, students who are absent for extended periods due to illness can still have access to their familiar programs until they return to school.

Vizzle Excel allows administrators to fully utilize paraprofessionals for instructional support. Paraprofessionals can easily search the Library for student and classroom lessons. They are able to run small groups and to monitor individual students as they access Vizzle Excel.

Vizzle Excel supports staff collaborative planning and multidisciplinary instruction. Related arts staff and therapists can access students, identify lessons, and incorporate lesson targets into their sessions and classes. New teachers feel very successful in integrating Vizzle Excel into their schedules due to the format and features.

Vizzle Excel helped parents and students stay connected and to move to more forms of remote learning. Many students were already accessing their lessons through their assigned passwords prior to the COVID closures. This was a critical bridge during difficult times. Families and students could stay connected through their familiar resource, while learning to navigate new tools for remote learning.


Alternate Assessments with Vizzle Excel

Teachers are able to align Vizzle Excel lessons with the Dynamic Learning Maps Essential Elements. The extensive Vizzle Excel Library allows staff to provide additional extension lessons and practice for tested elements in Reading/English Language Arts, mathematics, and science. Teachers can also select lessons that address Dynamic Learning Maps foundation skills that will support grade level tested items.

Due to the computerized nature of the alternative assessment, students who have daily experience with computerized instruction have been more familiar with the presentation and response modes. Students are not only working on their lesson content but they are building skills in technology use, attending, engaging, and self-management. The teacher authoring tool allows staff to create lessons that use vocabulary and topics that are published in the public release items and in the Dynamic Learning Maps Essential Elements materials.