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Evaluating assistive technology? Keep this in mind!

According to an article from Common Sense Education, the first step in evaluating technology for inclusive classrooms is to ask “Is it easy to operate?” Certainly, the ease-of-use of a tool or technology by students can greatly impact how well it is adopted by your students. But what about your teachers? If the device or program is difficult or time-consuming for the teachers, the likelihood of success in the classroom is significantly affected. According to Teachers Know Best, Making Data Work for Teachers and Students, virtually all teachers (93 percent) use some sort of digital tool to help guide instruction, but more than two-thirds (67 percent) are not satisfied with the effectiveness of data and the tools they are using. Created with teachers in mind, Vizzle is easy to use for both teachers and students. Unlike other online programs, you don’t have to be a computer wiz to utilize Vizzle. To get started, simply:
  1. Add students to Vizzle
  2. Assign & track lessons to students
  3. See data based on Vizzle play
Using a tablet or computer, you can easily search the Vizzle lesson library to find and assign quality standards-aligned content. As students work through the activities, data is automatically collected recording lesson duration, repetition and completion scores. This data can then be used to assess proficiency or report progress on IEP goals or objectives. If you’re looking for good assistive technology, ease-of-use, quality content and accessibility for students should be top of mind. If you want great assistive technology, all those requirements should also apply to your teachers as well! Want to evaluate Vizzle for your classrooms?

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