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Flexibility is Key to Education in 2020

Vizzle is excited to introduce you to our Vizzler of the Month, Emily Zagozdon. Emily is the Lead Technology Technician with Pickerington Local School District here in Vizzle’s home state of Ohio. They have about 100 students accessing Vizzle this school year, both from home and from the classroom. Emily shares how Vizzle has provided flexibility and helped their district adapt during this different school year.

What type of learning environment did your district start the 2020-21 school year with (classroom, remote, hybrid)?

Pickerington is hybrid with two Cohorts. Pickerington also has the Virtual Learning Academy, so some students are completely remote/virtual.

How has Vizzle helped with that plan?

The staff is able to work virtually with students by providing Vizzle accounts where the students are able to login at home or school and complete activities that support the students’ educational goals.

What comments have you heard from educators, parents, and students that you would like to share with us related to using Vizzle?

I work with a staff member at the high school level, who teaches students with multiple disabilities. With Vizzle she is able to digitally adapt books/novels that are being taught through the book creator feature. She then is able to present and have the students participate in the readings. She loves the format and the collaborative way this lesson tool is able to be utilized.

What Vizzle feature do you see as most helpful and why?

The digital platform with the obvious reason of virtual education now. Also, the ability to create lessons, which allows for more customization to support the students’ educational goals.

Since your district first implemented Vizzle in 2015, can you speak to how Vizzle has adapted to the needs of educators? 

Vizzle allows for more flexibility and customization for the teacher to meet students’ educational goals.

What would your recommendations be to administrators and educators who are considering implementing Vizzle?

Vizzle is a great educational/assistive technology tool that provides educators with a virtual and customizable platform to aid in supporting students’ educational needs and goals.

Thank you, Emily, for taking the time to share how Vizzle has helped your teachers to meet their students’ educational goals! As you mentioned, flexibility is important and especially this year. We’re thrilled Vizzle has helped your district be flexible…whether in the classroom or virtual.  I believe author and speaker Brian Tracy’s statement reflects this time well, “Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it.”

If you are interested in learning more about Vizzle and our complimentary 30-day access, visit us at Or, if your district would like to talk with someone about implementing Vizzle, you can reach us at or 800-593-1934.

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