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Get an A+ in Student Progress

When teaching to a group of students with a wide range of abilities and needs, presenting the curriculum while ensuring student progress can be challenging in a traditional classroom setting. However, incorporating supplemental tools and technology, especially when they support independent learning, can be extremely useful for teachers and therapists working with students with special needs.

That's why we have released a MAJOR enhancement to Vizzle NextGen!

The all-new Student Progress panel makes it easy to assess mastery using Vizzle. With the Student Progress panel, you can now easily view your students' progress and evaluate their mastery of IEP goals and objectives. See your students' proficiency of individual goals or objectives by viewing Vizzle lesson plays and score consistency over time.

Vizzle's extensive lesson library and automatic data collection empowers teachers by helping reinforce, refresh and review concepts taught in the classroom. And now, with the new Student Progress panel, viewing each of your students' progress in relation to IEP goals and objectives is even easier.

By using Vizzle's Student Progress panel, you can quickly determine a student's need for additional lessons or one-on-one instruction. In the same vein, the Student Progress panel can also be used to assess a student's readiness to begin working on their next objective.

Student Progress data offers a more in-depth look at a student's achievements inside the classroom. With more insightful and detailed data, teachers and therapists can be even more effective in determining their students' needs when deciding IEP goals and objectives with administrators and parents.

Additionally, you will receive a notification of all your students' progress every time you log into Vizzle. Just look for the alarm bell next to a student's name in the My Students drop-down menu when mastery of a goal or objective is reached. And as every student is unique, you can determine how mastery is defined for each of your students based on their individual needs.

See how the Student Progress panel helps you assess student mastery of IEP goals and objectives:


If you're a current Vizzle user, to start tracking student progress just log into NextGen using your Vizzle username and password and navigate to a student's Educational Plan under the My Students menu. Not currently using Vizzle, but want to see the Student Progress panel in action? Sign up for a free trial today!

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