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Get Started Tracking Student Data for IEPs with Vizzle

With a new school year right around the corner (or already here for some!), teachers are preparing activities and administrator sare planning strategies to ensure student success. In addition to preparing and planning lessons aligned to state testing standards, many educators are now responsible for effectively measuring and reporting on student performance throughout the school year. Thanks to the abundance of technology devices in schools, many educators are turning to programs and software to track student progress. According to Teachers Know Best, Making Data Work for Teachers and Students, virtually all teachers (93 percent) use some sort of digital tool to help guide instruction, but more than two-thirds (67 percent) are not satisfied with the effectiveness of data and the tools they are using. For teachers of students with special needs, creating lessons, assessing performance and tracking progress can be especially challenging. General education teachers spend an additional 9 hours outside of school hours on instructional workflow, reports Teachers Know Best, Making Data Work for Teachers and Students. It can be assumed that in order to meet the individual learning needs of all their students, special education teachers are spending even more time outside of school hours preparing and planning lessons. While it may seem like teachers are reluctant to adapt to new technologies, a majority of teachers (61 percent) believe that using data improves what they do in the classroom and digital tools make them better teachers. The shortfall of many software or digital tools, especially for students with special needs, however, is the time-consuming, manual aggregation of information that is often required. Teachers, administrators and therapists are turning to Vizzle, an interactive visual learning tool for students with special needs, to automatically collect data for IEPs. By using Vizzle, teachers can easily find and assign lessons, games and activities aligned to state standards. As students work through the lessons, students’ plays, completion time and scores are automatically collected and recorded. Teachers can then pull reports for individual students and show progress on IEP goals and objectives. In both self-contained and inclusive classroom settings, Vizzle promotes student independence while helping to reinforce, refresh and review skills, concepts and lessons first presented by teachers. Students can access Vizzle at any time, on any computer or tablet and teachers continue to collect data. It’s easy to quickly find and assign lessons using Vizzle thanks to the user-friendly interface. Teachers can also customize student profiles to meet students’ unique interests or learning needs and enhance student engagement. Try Vizzle in your school and start collecting data you can use.

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