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Hybrid Learning is Here: Data-Driven Decision Making Anytime, Anywhere!

Hybrid Learning is Here: Data-Driven Decision Making Anytime, Anywhere!

Using data to assess student learning continues to gain momentum in education. Through standardized tests, summative and formative assessments, and informal assessments such as observations and checklists, educators gain insights into student growth and learning. In special education, data is integral to understanding student needs and growth while supporting accountability. Our world is changing. Technology, resources, and data need to evolve as well. Consistency in an inconsistent environment becomes essential with the increased need to providing the right resources in and out of the classroom. Hybrid learning is here to stay and will have a significant impact on students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

As special educators, we must ensure we support IEP goals and objectives. This means assessing student learning by introducing, generalizing, and ensuring student mastery of skills in new and creative ways. We apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning to connect, engage, and motivate. We ensure our students perceive the information being taught, can communicate that knowledge, and show us what they know. We need data to help us along the way as we focus on growth, removing barriers, and opening doors to all learners.

Data isn’t taken to just check a box or create busywork. It is meant to guide the learning journey. The “I” in IEP means we are individualizing instruction. Data needs to be captured to show the rich journey of accessing information, recalling information, applying information, and generalizing those skills across settings and people. Sometimes the gains are subtle with a shift in prompting and other times the gains show rapid growth as the information sticks and clicks. This is key for all IEP team members including students, parents, teachers, related service providers, and administrators. Collaboration, coordination, and communication can become much simpler with technology.

Teaching and assessing with intention is easy with Vizzle, checking not only the boxes for compliance around IEP tracking and reporting, but providing access to core subjects, social-emotional learning, life skills, and more. Vizzle simplifies the process by allowing you to add students, search, save, and assign lessons aligned to goals and core subjects. Run group or synchronous activities and have students log in and engage independently. Data is automatically collected, telling the story of the students’ learning. In and out of the classroom, data can be collected with ease; shaping and molding the student’s journey.

Vizzle...Data for Students, Teachers, and Administrators
  • My Classroom - Provides a classroom management tool with a summary of all students on your roster. View student engagement and performance data with a birds-eye-view, tracking the overall number of lessons completed, questions answered, percentage correct, and total time spent in and out of the classroom.

  • IEP Data Tracking Overview - Review how your students are progressing on specific skills they are working on with the ability to quickly archive a group of related lessons. In just a few clicks, students can move fluidly onto the next set of targeted objectives.

  • Detailed Report - Explore details for individual lessons attempted with the ability to filter by date range, subject, and goal/objective tags making it perfect for progress reporting. Monitor grades by subject, balancing the need for data to show access to the standards and state requirements.

  • Administrative Report - An administrative dashboard empowers your district to monitor and control implementation across all campuses and classrooms. Add staff and students when and where they are needed. Select individual students to view progress and provide insights for all levels of support. 

In a world where things can seem overwhelming, technology can balance the scales creating new opportunities and layers for support and success! Vizzle provides resources for instruction and assessment of skill acquisition in just a few clicks. Search the library, save lessons to students, and tag lessons to goals to seamlessly monitor progress...anytime and anywhere! This submission is by Vizzle's own Lauren Stafford, M.Ed. If you'd like, you can reach Lauren directly at


To learn more about Vizzle’s various data features, view these videos:


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