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New Secondary Courses Coming for the 2021-22 School Year!

New Secondary Courses Coming for the 2021-22 School Year!

Spring has sprung and seeds have been planted for our new Secondary Courses!


Coming this fall, Vizzle is excited to be launching new secondary content covering 36-weeks of leveled instruction. Our teachers have been asking for organized, standards-aligned instruction that is leveled for easy delivery to support a variety of student learners. Not only can you support IEP goals and objectives, but our easy-to-use courses lay the foundation for curricular success.

Biology, Civics, US History, and World History are blooming, with additional course offerings in development for fall 2021! 



  • Unit Guides:

    • Standards Aligned Unit Guides 
    • Key vocabulary 
    • Essential questions
  • Lesson Plans 

    • Daily plans with resources, instructional guides for a large group, small group, and independent work with easy tracking and reporting.
    • Suggested modifications for a variety of leveled learners.
  • Lessons

    • Variety of interactive and printable materials to introduce, generalize and master core concepts.
    • Leveled lessons (3-2-1) for variable accessibility needs.
  • Pre and Post Unit Assessments

    • Multiple-choice format to assess learning.

  • Data Collection

    • Pre and Post Unit Assessments
    • Automated tracking of individualized student progress on all student lesson engagement.



Visit our Vizzle Courses page to learn more!



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