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No trick, just a new treat!

You can now BOO-tify your students' celebrations, reinforcers and themes by switching on the Halloween filter available on the Play Preferences panel. Bring some spooktacular fun to the Vizzle student environment for all your ghouls and boys!

If you're a current Vizzle user, log into Vizzle NextGen with your username and password. From the My Students menu, select a student's name and then click on the Play Preferences tab. Locate the Halloween Filter and select ON to view and choose fangtastic celebrations, reinforcers and themes for your student.

Still getting used to Vizzle NextGen? Watch our video tutorial to learn how to set your students' play preferences:

Not currently using Vizzle, but want to see the Halloween celebrations, reinforcers and themes for yourself? Register for a free trial of Vizzle!

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