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November Vizzler of the Month

November Vizzler of the Month

We’re excited to introduce you to Erin Ornot, a special education teacher with Pinellas County Schools in Florida. Erin stood out to us during a recent visit due to her excellent classroom management and knowledge of her students and their needs.  Also, she and her students have played over 1,700 lessons this school year already!

What is the response to Vizzle from your students?

My students are enthusiastic about using Vizzle! They love any and everything tech related so Vizzle was an easy resource to integrate into our classroom.

How do you use Vizzle in the classroom?

I use Vizzle in whole group to reinforce a skill that we’ve previously learned. I make sure that there are enough pages in the lesson so that each student is able to participate. I also use Vizzle during our independent work stations, this way each student is guaranteed to get at least 30-45 minutes at a time of uninterrupted work time with the app each week.

What’s your favorite Vizzle feature and why?

I have several favorites. The celebrations and reinforcers are great! I make sure to individualize those settings for my students based on their personal interests. Another feature that I really appreciate is how extensive the lesson bank is; just about any and every content area that I need is available. And I couldn’t live without the text-to-speech feature. It takes independent work to a whole new level in my classroom.

What is your daily inspiration?

It’s got to be the “light bulb” moments. When I’m working with a student who’s trying to figure out a word and they manipulate the sounds until it sounds right to their ear and then they proclaim the word with confidence—that’s a light bulb moment. 

What is the most important thing that makes your classroom work?

I’m not sure there is just one thing, but some important characteristics that come to mind are consistency, teamwork, repetition, and most importantly patience.

What’s your go-to for ideas?

Other teachers!  Asking others what works, and what doesn’t work, is the only way to go for me.  Some things that seem to continuously motivate and engage students are adding movement into lessons whenever possible (who likes sitting still all day?!?)  and using hands-on materials and/or visuals (if they can see or touch it they’re way more into what we’re doing).

What advice would you give a brand new teacher?

Building relationships with your students matters more than anything else you’ll ever do.  “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel!” -Carl W. Buehner

Couldn’t agree more about the importance of building relationships with your students! Those positive relationships certainly help a student feel more comfortable and safe in their classroom. 

Sign up for a free trial at and see why Erin and her students enjoy using Vizzle!

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