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Personalized Learning to Meet the Different Needs of Your Students

Personalized learning based on each student’s needs and interests has always presented a challenge for educators of students with or without special needs. With the pandemic, the switch to remote learning has only increased that challenge. Educators who have Vizzle in their toolbox have been able to meet this challenge and easily provide each student with a personalized learning journey.  There are three key ways Vizzle provides the opportunity for special educators to offer personalized learning to meet the different needs of their students:

Flexible Content

Vizzle offers a deep and fully accessible standards-based lesson library. These lessons are accessible whether in a traditional classroom, remote, or hybrid environment. In short, Vizzle provides consistency in an inconsistent environment and time.

  • Age respectful standards-based academic and transition materials 
  • Searchable lessons by state learning standards and specific topics.
  • Differentiated lessons filtered by skill level, from less complex to more complex and most complex.

Vizzle’s creation tool allows educators the ability to edit existing content with ease or create and share activities quickly from scratch. Use our image library or import real-life images from school, home, and the community. Vizzle allows you to make a lesson on literally any topic. Think of all the benefits that ability provides!

  • Adjust the difficulty of a lesson to personalize it for every student
  • Switch out images for more meaningful and engaging ones based on each student’s preferences and environment.
  • Create social narratives to prepare your students for new experiences, help develop their social skills, and set expectations.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Vizzle dramatically eases the data collection process for educators, allowing them more time to focus on teaching and providing instruction that is relevant. Data is automatically collected and shared as students work through assigned lessons, recording results for IEP tracking and progress monitoring. Easily filter by subject, skills, as well as goals and objectives. Notifications are provided as mastery is demonstrated. 

Personalized Learning Environment

Vizzle’s student settings allow educators to individualize each of their student’s learning environment. These settings account for student needs, interests, and skills presenting lessons in a way that suits each unique student. Vizzle’s options include:

  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • Switch accessibility
  • Adjust the maximum number of choices for each student
  • Select the student’s interaction option: drag-and-drop, 1-click
  • Age respectful reinforcers including; correct answer feedback, end of lesson celebration, and themed environments 

Vizzle provides educators with all the features needed to provide each student with personalized learning...treating them like the individual they are. As learning environments shift between the classroom and remote, Vizzle provides students with consistency and educators with easy-to-use technology so teachers can spend more time connecting with each student and celebrating progress.

Try Vizzle

You can sign up for complimentary 30-day access to Vizzle at and see how Vizzle can help you provide personalized learning to meet the different needs of your students.

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