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Springtime special education activities

March into spring with these special education activities. We have compiled a handful of activities for you to adapt to your students’ and classroom needs. Recharge after springtime assessments by incorporating learning programs to celebrate the season! Life skills Clothing Matching Game: A fun game to practice reading and where a student is asked to match the Sales Tag to the Clothing Item. Download the materials from and laminate to make the game durable. Highlight a seasonal component by asking students to separate clothing into clothes for warm vs. cold weather. Math Easter Basket Math Challenge: Great for a group activity to reinforce multiple mathematical concepts with students of different learning abilities or strengths. In small groups, a basket with a number is handed out. Each student in the group can color or write on eggs ways in which to represent the number visually using dots or pictures and mathematically using addition or subtraction. Great way to reinforce the idea that in math there isn’t always one right answer! Rainbow Math Game: Make a rainbow and eat it, too! Bring some color into the classroom by using Fruit Loop cereal to practice addition skills and concepts. This is a great activity for working with students one-on-one in a moderate-to-severe classroom or in small groups within an inclusive environment. Have students roll two dice to then count out Fruit Loops to corresponding numbers, count total number to arrive at the sum. Or use one die to roll and practice counting. At the end of the activity, glue Fruit Loops to colored strips and create a colorful art piece to display in the classroom! ELA Easter Egg Word Family Game: A super fun way to learn and recognize word families. (AND use up all those plastic Easter eggs!) For younger kiddos, start with the 37 most common word family chunks. Organize eggs by the dozen and practice sounds or word recognition. Break eggs apart, mix tall and short egg pieces and then randomly pick pieces to see how many new words can be made. Science Garden Sensory bin: Update your sensory bin to incorporate spring-time items and themes this month. On warmer, sunny days, go outside with kiddos to collect rocks, flowers, grass, and soil for the bin. On rainy, wet days, utilize the bin to revisit items collected and practice recognition. A great way to bring the outdoors inside when spring hasn’t yet sprung in your neck of the woods! Fine Motor Easter Egg Color Matching activity: Another creative spring activity to get the most use out of those plastic Easter eggs! Break apart eggs and grab a bunch of colorful crafting fuzz balls. Practice color matching by asking kiddos to choose a fuzz ball and place it into the matching color egg. To practice fine motor skills, you can incorporate chopsticks or a spoon for picking up the fuzz balls and placing them into the eggs. Looking for more ways to reinforce spring themes and concepts this month? Check out our March Vizzle lessons post to get interactive online activities. Or you can try Vizzle FREE for 14-days and get access to more than 15,000+ standards-aligned lessons and activities. As your students work through assigned activities, Vizzle automatically collects lesson play data to help you report progress on IEP goals and objectives.

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