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Valentine's Day activities for inclusive classrooms

Looking to bring activities with love, hearts and all things Valentine’s Day into your inclusive classroom? We have rounded up some interactive activities to help reinforce skills or concepts while incorporating Valentine’s day themes perfect for your inclusive classroom. And don’t worry -- not all of the games use candy or treats… Science
  • Homemade slime: I mean, who doesn’t just LOVE playing with slime? But imagine adding pink glitter, red hearts or sparkle confetti to make it a fun Valentine’s Day activity. Keep students engaged and hands busy by incorporating science concepts. Use slime in comparison to other objects to identify solid, liquid or gas properties. Or pull slime apart and mold into shapes then add craft supplies, like googley eyes and goofy lips, to make a dimensional work of art!
  • Candy hearts counting and sorting: Depending on skill level, candy hearts can be a really fun way to reinforce addition, subtraction and multiplication concepts to your students with special needs. Or have students use candy hearts for sorting. Great for groups or individual learning, use candy hearts to sort by color. With some types of candy hearts, you could even sort by words or phrases to help work on word and letter recognition.
  • Parts of Speech printable: Make copies and have students use colors to identify different parts of speech for a group activity. Or work one-on-one by enlarging each of the “treats,” saying a word aloud and having the student point to demonstrate recognition.
  • “Broken heart” rhyming words: A cute, visual word matching game perfect for group or partner work. Cut out hearts, glue rhyming word pictures on to each side of the heart then cut down the middle -- making a ‘broken’ heart. You can laminate the hearts to make the activity durable and long-lasting.
Life Skills
  • Valentines conversation game: Leave to our pals over at Teachers Pay Teachers to come up with this super creative Valentine’s themed social skills game. Students can practice conversation skills by picking the appropriate way to comment, question or compliment. Could be used in groups, but this activity is probably best to use when working with a student individually.
Speech Therapy
  • Print and Go dice games: This fun freebie (also from Teachers Pay Teachers) doesn’t require any prep -- just print and go! Have students roll dice to then color or find pictures to match the number. Can be used in classroom or sent home to be completed independently.
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