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Vizzle Launches Digital Special Education Curriculum Solution for Texas

TEKS aligned curriculum resource created by Lubbock ISD to be delivered on-line with interactive lessons, IEP goal tracking & reporting.

Vizzle has launched a beta version of a new digital curriculum solution for K-12 special education programs in Texas. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) aligned curriculum which contains instructional field guides that include essence statements and student expectations was created by coordinators at Lubbock ISD. Paired with Vizzle's vertical alignment functionality, interactive lessons and custom data reporting features, this new offering provides customers with a holistic curriculum solution.

The curriculum provides scope and sequence for mathematics, English language arts, and science. The feature is organized by grade level, includes STAAR Altenate 2 instructional terms, and research-based instructional practices. The essence statements link the grade-level expectations to the prerequisite skills and the student expectations provides access points to the general education curriculum.

About Vizzle: Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. is a education technology company that builds software solutions for special education classrooms. Vizzle is a web-based application that provides for personalized learning environments with access to over 15,000 interactive lessons, IEP goal tracking, and student progress monitoring and reporting.

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