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Vizzle launches new software update with NextGen

The day has come for Classic Vizzle to become a thing of the past. The much-anticipated release of Vizzle NextGen brings a completely redesigned platform and all new features that are sure to take Vizzle users to new heights. With new play preferences, eye catching themes and reinforcers, and easy-to-use search filters NextGen has something for everyone. So here’s what you need to know about NextGen:
  • New Look!
NextGen’s new look is completely designed with you in mind! We gave Vizzle a complete makeover to bring you a more user-friendly platform that is easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. Quickly tag lessons to automatically collect data against student IEP goals and objectives. Flip through lessons on the homepage and view lesson summaries and tags hassle-free with our informative lesson cards. With fresh graphics and a smooth layout, NextGen’s eye-catching makeover promotes student engagement and makes lesson customization child’s play.
  • Play Preferences!
NextGen isn’t just skin deep; along with the new look comes new features and play preferences that will bring your students’ learning experience clear into the future. Students with limited mobility or motor function can play lessons as Vizzle NextGen is compatible with Switch Access.  Text-to-Speech functionality now provides automated reading of any text in any lesson!  We’ve even added brand new reinforcers, themes, and celebrations to add a ton of flair to your students’ learning experience.
  • Smart Search Filters!
We gave you thousands of lessons at your fingertips with Vizzle Classic. Now it’s simple to find the lessons that you need with NextGen’s smart search features! Search for lessons in NextGen’s expansive Full Library or pull lessons from our ULS Curriculum library for a more personalized search. Cut down on time-consuming searches and filter lessons by subject, grade, and activity type using our intuitive search filters. With these smart search filters, it's now easier than ever to tag and add lessons to individual students, allowing you to personalize student learning and track against unique IEP goals and objectives. You asked for something new and we’ve delivered with innovative features and a brand new look. We can tell you about how great NextGen is, but it’s something you have to see for yourself! Login to NextGen now to see how Vizzle can put next generation learning at your fingertips.  

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