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Vizzle lessons: Spring, St. Patrick's Day and more!

The signs of spring are in full bloom! Celebrate the season and upcoming holidays with thematic Vizzle lessons and activities perfect for inclusive or self-contained special education classrooms. With so many holidays to choose from, this month can be really fun for designing seasonal learning programs in support of your students' IEP goals and objectives. Looking for quality content to introduce or reinforce this month’s holidays and themes in your classroom? Look no further! We have compiled a handful of lessons from the Vizzle library to support your March activities.

If you're a current Vizzle user, you can celebrate the luck of the Irish with our St. Patrick's Day theme for your students' play environment. Just navigate to the Play Preferences tab under your students' profile to set theme and get seasonal celebrations and reinforcers.
Want more quality content for your students? The Vizzle library has 1000s of games, lessons and activities aligned state testing standards and curriculum for special education. TRY Vizzle FREE for 14 days!  

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