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Vizzle's Top 5 of 2017

As students and educators settle into the holiday break, we want to take a moment to reflect on this past year as we look to the start of 2018. Here at Vizzle HQ, we have made some monumental strides this year in developing and delivering an interactive educational platform to help educate students with special needs and the instructors that support them. In the spirit of the season, we want to take a look back and share our top 5 Vizzle moments of 2017.
5. New high-tech digs
As the brainchild of the Monarch Center for Autism, based in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Vizzle has had a longstanding relationship and connection to the school, which has provided ample opportunity in developing the platform. In an effort to continue to support all students with special needs and further establish Vizzle as a more recognizable player within the educational technology world, we relocated our office earlier this year to the Midtown area of Cleveland, Ohio. Just south of downtown, the Midtown neighborhood is quickly redefining itself as the city’s growing high-tech and startup hub. In fact, we had an exceptionally warm welcome to the neighborhood, and even a brief brush with fame, as we were featured on Cleveland’s local News 5 broadcast, reporting on Midtown’s growth for Cleveland-based technology and tech-focused companies. Further solidifying our acceptance into Cleveland’s tech scene was our partnership with JumpStart, Cleveland’s premiere startup incubator. We love being a part of this vibrant, fast-paced community and look forward to forging new partnerships with local tech companies.
4. CASE endorsement
This summer, the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) endorsed Vizzle for the second time. CASE endorsements are granted solely to the products and solutions recognized as being able to meet the needs of students with special needs. The CASE Product Committee takes great care to research the products through a thorough evaluation, verifying that they meet state and federal government requirements. The rigorous and comprehensive review then ensures the CASE endorsement for up to three years. To gain such recognition and approval from the leaders of the special education administrator community, not once but twice, is truly an honor for us at Vizzle.
3. Search Vizzle by state standards
As an educational technology tool, Vizzle is designed to engage and encourage students with special needs, while reinforcing learned concepts and skills. As many learning apps and programs boast of game-like student environments, Vizzle stands apart as it is also developed largely with teachers and administrators in mind. In an effort to make teachers’ lives easier, we added state learning standards to Vizzle lessons. By searching or filtering then tagging lessons by state standard, teachers can easily find quality content and quickly report on students’ progress of IEP goals and objectives. With Vizzle, teachers of special education can spend less time worrying about their administrative responsibilities and more time addressing each students’ individual learning needs.
2. Student Progress reporting
Not just a lesson library, Vizzle makes it easier for teachers and administrators of students with special needs to track progress and develop appropriate education programs. Thus, the addition of the Student Progress panel in Vizzle was a HUGE enhancement this year. With Vizzle, you can easily view your students’ progress and evaluate their mastery of IEP goals and objectives. Quickly determine a student’s need for additional lessons or one-on-one instruction by utilizing data collected and displayed in the Student Progress panel. In the same vein, student data can also be used to assess a student’s readiness to begin working on their next objective or goal. With more insightful and detailed data, teachers and therapists can be even more effective in understanding their students’ unique needs.
1. Release of Vizzle NextGen
Not just a pretty new interface, the release of Vizzle NextGen this year was certainly our biggest achievement of 2017. We gave Vizzle a complete makeover to bring you a more user-friendly platform that is easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. Of course, changes to Vizzle weren’t just cosmetic. Vizzle NextGen also debuted a bunch of new features, enhanced functionality and more accessibility for both students and teachers. Best of all, Vizzle NextGen made it easy to find and assign lessons to students with the addition of smart search functionality. The development and release of Vizzle NextGen was a labor of love from a highly-dedicated team of developers and staff. The feedback from users, new and old, has been overwhelmingly positive. In the coming year, we look forward to developing new features and releasing more updates to improve the Vizzle platform based on feedback from users like you. If you’re a current customer, thank you for using Vizzle and all the work you do for your students. If you’re not currently a customer, sign up to try Vizzle for free.   Happy holidays and see you in the New Year! P.S. The Vizzle office will be closed from December 22 to January 2. If you have any questions about Vizzle or need technical support, please be patient with us in our response.  

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