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Vizzle updates: In case you missed it...

We’ve been busy improving and enhancing Vizzle NextGen. And some Vizzle updates may have been easier to miss than others. So let’s catch up on the latest Vizzle feature releases!
  • State Standards alignment: If you’re following Common Core or TEKS, you can search the Vizzle library and find lessons, games and activities aligned to state standards. Watch video.
  • Assign and Track lessons: We have made it super easy to add IEP goals or objectives to lessons in order to track student data. You can now assign lessons and track IEP goals or objectives in just 3 clicks! Watch video.
  • Choose Lesson order: Want to rearrange the order of the lessons you assigned to your students in Vizzle? Well, now you can! Change the order lessons are played using the Set Lesson Sequence button. Watch video.
  • Student Environment themes: Spice up your kiddos’ Vizzle profile with seasonal themes for lesson progress pages, celebrations and reinforcers. Halloween, Winter and Valentine’s Day themes are all currently available, with more coming soon! Watch video.
Want to see the new Vizzle features and functionality in action? Try Vizzle FREE for 14 days. Or request a demo and speak with a rep to learn how you can transform your classrooms with Vizzle.

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