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Vizzler of the Month - January 2020

Vizzler of the Month - January 2020

Happy to share our January Vizzler of the Month with you…Richard Jacobs. Richard teaches in a communications and social skills classroom within Duval County Public Schools. He also provides technology instructional support helping teachers understand how to use the various digital educational programs their district has. Richard and his students have played over 1,300 lessons so far this school year!

What is the response to Vizzle from your students?

They love doing the lessons and they get a kick out of the various rewards that pop up when they get a question correct. They love playing the games in small groups and this helps them with the understanding that they have to take turns when playing games and that they need to be good sports if they lose.

How do you use Vizzle in the classroom?

I use Vizzle in two main ways. I assign them lessons in Vizzle and tie them to their IEP goals. This helps me track their data and how well they are progressing on their IEP goals. I also use the Vizzle Florida Beta Curriculum when teaching my small groups. This helps me teach according to the Florida Access Points so they can meet or exceed what is required in the standard. It is just a great tool to have in my toolbox to teach my students and reach them at their developmental level. I am always looking for ways to improve my instruction and Vizzle is a good tool to have in my tool box.

What’s your favorite Vizzle feature?

I like all the features of Vizzle. The two I like the most are the rewards the students receive for answering the questions correctly. I also like the ability to assign lessons to their IEP goals to assist in tracking their data in relationship to their goals.

What is your daily inspiration?

Knowing that my students are making gains and seeing how well they respond to my ability to meet them where they are in their ability to learn. They love to show how much they know, even though at times they really do not want me to know how smart and bright they are.

What does your classroom day look like?

The classroom is a blended classroom of students on Access Points and regular standards. The normal days consists of the students coming in and eating breakfast and then we start into our ELA rotations. I have the students broken into 3 groups. Their rotations are teacher led instruction, guided practice with the paraprofessional, independent work, and computer based instruction.

What advice would you give a brand new teacher?

I would suggest to them that they need to find a good mentor teacher. I was blessed to be well accepted by all the teachers at my school. To follow their advice and not try to reinvent the wheel so to speak. That if they use what is already in place it will help them to adjust to the setting of the school and how it is run. Then over time they can add their own teaching insights into their teaching to make them a more rounded teacher.

Thank you for sharing with us, Richard! I agree with the importance of a teacher meeting a student where they are in their ability to learn. One of my favorite quotes is by Ignacio Estrada, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

Sign up for a free trial at and see why Richard and his students enjoy using Vizzle!

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