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New Secondary Courses Launched for the 2021-22 School Year!

On behalf of the Rethink Ed team, we're thrilled to announce 12 new secondary Vizzle Courses have been launched! Each course includes a full suite of curricular tools to assess, instruct, and practice core academic knowledge and skills. 

  • 36-weeks of leveled instruction 
  • Organized by unit and topic
  • Standards-aligned
  • Unit guides & lesson plans
  • Easy to map to your district's curriculum map 
  • Interactive lessons 
  • Assessments
  • Automatic data collection

Courses include:  


Algebra I & II



Earth Sciences



US History

World History

Interactive Lessons

Leveled lessons to introduce, generalize, and assess learning.

Pre & Post Assessments

Multiple choice format to assess learning.

Organized Units

Sequential topics covering core concepts for each subject.

Automated Data Collection

Automated tracking of individualized student progress on all student lessons.

Unit Guides

Includes Your State Standards, Key Vocabulary, and Essential Questions.

Lesson Plans

Step-by-step guides with resources, differentiation, and instructional frameworks.

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